Interwine Guangzhou organized twice a year since 2005, Spring session and Autumn session. The original date of 24th Interwine 2020, taking place on 21-23 May Guangzhou, has been postponed. The new dates will be announced soon. The 25th Interwine on 9-11 Nov 2020, will still be held as planned in China(Guangzhou) Import and Export Fair Complex.


- The largest and the most professional wine trade event in the South of China

- With 50,000sqm, 5 halls in total

- Strong network from all over the world

- Enjoy 3 days to discover more than 10,000 brands

- Enjoy more than 100 on-site activities, master classes, wine tasting, business match, wine business forums, conferences hosted by worldwide experts

- Find the fine wines from more than 72 countries and meet new producers and suppliers

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